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Andhra Pradesh Pilgrim Centres

Birla Mandir, Hyderabad  Tour PackagesBirla Mandir Hyderabad
Overlooking the Tank Bund, the Birla Mandir presents an arresting sight when illuminated in the evening. This magnificent structure built entirely out of marble from Rajasthan.

Mecca Masjid Hyderabad
A hundred yards southwest of the Charminar is the Mecca Masjid, so named because the bricks were brought from Mecca to build the central arch.

Mukteshwara Swamy Temple Kaleshwaram
The ancient temple dedicated to Mukteshwara Swamy is of special significcance as two Sivalingas are found on a single pedestal.

Anumasamudram Peta(Rahamatabad) Nellore
Located 60 Kms from Nellore, The site of an ancient mosque, where an annual urnus of Khaja Rahamthullah attracts pilgrims from all over the state.

Dichpalli Temple Nizamabad
Just off the Hyderabad - Nizambad highway Dichpalli temple is Neelakanteshwara Temple, Nizamabad Tour Packages
located 15 Kms from Nizambad Town. Picturesquely located on a hillock.

Neelakanteshwara Temple Nizamabad
Significance: Sun's Rays Fall On The Siva Lingam on the Rathasaptami Day Constructed by the Rastrakutas and improved by Kakatiyasa, the structure resembles the North Indian Style of Architecture.

Prasanthinilayam Puttaparti
Prasanthinilayam, the abode of peace at Puttaparthi is famous worldwide as the home of Sri Satya Sai Baba. All religions are respected here and all festivals celebrated.

Sri Agastheswara Swamy Temple Tirupati
Sri Agastheswara Swamy Temple This temple has an inscription engraved on its wall. It is dated in the 31st year of Kulothunga Chola, but this is not a foundation inscription.

Swami Pushkarini Tirupati Govindarajaswami Temple, Tirupati Tour Packages
Many of the pilgrims have a dip in the tank adjacent to the temple at Tirumala, before having a darshan of Lord Venkateswara. The tank is considered sacred.

The Govindarajaswami Temple Tirupati
The Govindarajaswami Temple This Temple is the main attraction
for pilgrims at Tirupati and the biggest in town. The earliest of the records belong to the year 1235 AD.