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Kerala Monuments

Bolghatty PalaceBolghatty Palace, Kerala Travel Packages
This particular palace was built by the Dutch in the year 1744, in Ernakulam on an island, off Cochin in the Arabian Sea. This building is considered to be huge and magnificent towering over and definitely a site to see for every tourist.

Alwaye palace
This palace seems to be resting at a very peaceful and serene place just infront of the meandering periyar river.Nothing could be more exhilarating when you enter this place with the river just besides. This old palace building is now The Alwaye Guest House, which is one of the most prestigious in Kerala.

Aranmula Temple
Dedicated to Lord Krishna is another pilgrim place for Hindus. The temple Aranmula can be reached from Chengannur on the Thiruvananthapuram via the Kottayam route.The attraction here is the snake boat races held as part of the Uthrettathi festival in August/September.

Bekkal FortBekkal Fort, Kerala Travel Packages
One is mistaken if he thinks Kerala is only on the greener side and doesnot have forts like most of thye north Indian states have.But one such large and well preserved fort in Kerala,is the Bekkal Fort, in Kasarkode,which is 16 km south on the National Highway.

St. Sebastian Church
Churches are a sight not be missed if you are a visitor for the first time to this lovely state.Portuguese missionaries established one of the most important pilgrim centres of the Christians in Kerala, popularly known as St. Sebastian Church

Religion is another flavour of life.Here the people are staunch devotees of the God Vishnu and also other God and Goddesses.Thrissur is a good base for a pilgrim trip to Guruvayur, 32 kms away.It is among India's most important pilgrimage centers and is also known as the Dwaraka of the South.

Padmanabhapuram PalacePadmanabhapuram Palace, Kerala Travel Guide
Though located at Thuckalai in Kanyakumari district of Tamil Nadu, (65 kms south of Thiruvananthapuram) this former palace of Travancore is a splendid example of Kerala architecture. It is a highly protected and well-preserved monument of the Kerala State Archaeology Department.

The Churches or Muttuchira (Kottayam)
Situated on the MC Road, between Vaikom and Kaduthuruthi, Muttuchira has an interesting conglomeration of three churches of different periods built in the same compound.This is an unique site that is found here as there are three periods that come into contact and the differences are seen.