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Kerala Music & Dances

Kathakkali Dance, Kerala Tour PackagesA pleasant morning to begin with and the sunrays have just reached your doorsteps. Wake up on a mist-softened morning in Kerala. The sun has just come over the palm trees and given the color of gold to the entire universe.

That’s Kerala for you the ultimate place to be in. the obsession of the Kerala administration to make the state one of the most civilized and educated one has led to the highest literacy rate that enables all people to earn a good livelihood through their good education.

This state inspires all the others in the country and no doubt is an idol for many. If you are visiting this state for the first time then you will have a lot to see and time will seem to run out as there are umpteen number of places worth seeing and visiting.

These are memories that one can cherish and take back home. It gives you a scintillating feeling that satisfies you and rejuvenates your senses. Kerala has a fascinating mix of festivals, food, handicrafts, dance forms and music seems to be tailor-made for the tourists of the world.

It feels as a reality show as if the gods and goddesses, sages, demons and fabulous creatures live again in those performances. In the darkness of the night under the roof of the stars the audience sit captured in these performances that just enthrall one’s senses.

Theycall them the masters of this art and true to this they are the true master who rule the stage and capture the peoples imagination in all senses, the masters of Kathakali, in bright and voluminous robes, their faces made super-human by finely done make-up.
Music & Dances, Kerala Tour Packages
Drums roll, and the voice of the performer and the singer conjures up the reversed tales of epic and fantasy. The epic that fascinates and seems to be real in all forms. The performance is mind blowing and just feels out of the world. These performances are however very old based on mythological beliefs that existed in those times gone by.