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Aihole City Tour

Famous as the "Cradle of Indian architecture", Aihole has over a hundred temples scattered around the village.

Wherever one looks, it's temples theat meet the eyes. Intricately carved, rich in detail, quiet and peaceful.Mute witnesses of a bygone era.

The oldest temple here is, perhaps, the Lad Khan temple dating back to the 5th Century. On the roof of the temple is another shrine-like Vimana.

The Durga (Fort) Temple is notable for its semi-circular shape, elevated plinth and the gallery that encircles the sanctum. The interior is filled with fascinating carvings. Chamlundi Devi trampling the buffalo demon. Narasimha-the half-man half-lion God.

Ardhanari the half-male half-female deity Mahisasura Mardini…In this same complex, is the first model of an intricately carved lathe-turned pillar.

The Hutchimalli Temple- out in the village -has a sculpture of Vishnu sitting at top a large cobra, Dating back to the 6th Century, the Ravalphadi Cave -Temple celebrates the many forms of Shiva. Aihole Temple, Aihole Tour Packages

Not-to-be -missed is the Konthi Temple Complex (kwanthi Gudi), the Uma Maheswari Temple, the Jain Meguti Temple and the two-storeyed Buddhist Temple.

Climb up the stairs and you'll come across a tranquil, smiling Buddha carved on the ceiling. This then is Aihole, the earliest Capital of the Chalukyas.

Today , a picturesque village nestling on the banks of the Malaprabha river and overflowing with clusters and clusters of the most beautiful temlples.