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Chikamangalur City Tour

Chikamangalur City TourIts exquisite step into the rich earth and let the grass your feet, dew drops wash your toes,and your heart goes, Ah! you are in heavenly Chikmagalur.

Words are never enough to paint a picture that is Chikmagalur. Your imagination of calm soothing music could be a fine prelude to what lies ahead for you in this glorious land of coffee, hills and sparkling waters.

As you venture into the unexpected Western Ghats, situated in the south western part of Karnataka, carved against a mountains canvas, you'll find this virgin land a nature's bounty, a large basket of pleasant surpises….

Lofty peaks, racing rivers, sparkling streams,captivating cascades and the bracing mountain air-a soothing balm to the work-weary. Climbing high above the world where the mountains touch the sky, be enticed bt the raw power of natural splendour and the beauty of the snow-white coffee blossoms.

To all those who seek adventure / sport, this hilly district with rugged mountain trails, is God's own gift. These hills and valleys have been sublime abodes of the Kings and Sadhus alike. This is the land of legends and heores, the air alive with tales and deeds from the epics Ramayana and Mahabharatha.

The numerous piligrim spots are associated with the history of the land and are benchmarks on the path leading towards realization of the ultimate truth. The Agraharas have been lively centers of education and philosophical discourses, and numerous epigraphs are peans to dynastic dominance of yore.

Chilkmaglur is considered to be the place of origin and early reign of the Hosysalas, who played a decisive role in the history of South India. It was at Sosevur, identified with Angadi in Mudigere Taluk that Sala, the founder of the Hoysala crest.

The district takes its name from the town 'Chikmagalur' which literally means youngest daughter's town. The place was given as dowry to the youngest daughter of Rukmangada, the chief of Sakrepatna. Another part of the town bestowed on the elder daughter is known as Hiremagalur. But some old inscriptions reveal that these two places were known Kiriya-muguli and Piriyamuguli.