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Periyar Tiger Reserve National Park, Kerala

Periyar Wildlife Kerala, South India TravelSituated within the state of Kerala and established in 1934, it extends over 775 sq. km. and is India's southernmost Tiger Reserve. The lake covers 26 sq. km. and is at an elevation of 820 m; The Periyar Dam was built in 1895. Most of the sanctuary is undulating and is an excellent place for viewing elephants. Boats are available on hire. The best season to visit is between September and May. The National Park has facilities for camping.

Herds of elephant and sambar, gaur and wild pigs wander down to the lake-side and can be observed from the launches that cruise the lake. In March and April, during the driest period here, the animals spend a lot of time near the lake and the elephants can be seen bathing and swimming in the reservoir. A glimpse may be had even of the tiger during this season, as it comes to the water. Periyar also harbours the leopard, wild dog, barking deer and mouse deer. On the rocky outcrops along the lake, monitor lizards can be seen basking in the sun. Visitors who trek into the Park often see a python and sometimes even a king cobra.

Among the unusual species found at Periyar are the flying lizard and the flying snake. With wings of orange or yellow, the flying lizard is seen as it glides from one tree to the other. The flying snake is also brilliantly coloured in yellow and black with a pattern of red rosettes.

The lake attracts birds like the darter, cormorant, grey heron and ibis and they are seen perched on the snags of dead wood that dot the lake. The great Malabar hornbill and grey hornbill are often seen flapping their ponderous way between trees.

Periyar Lake Kerala, South India TravelGeographical Details: Longitude - From 76-55-00 E To 77-25-00 E Latitude - From 09-18-00 N To 09-40-00 N

Head Quarter: Kottayam, District Kottayam, Kerela

Distance of Tiger Reserve from Head Quarter : 65 Km

Area Details: Core Area - 350 Sq. Km Buffer Area - 427 Sq. Km Total Area - 777 Sq. Km

Tiger Population:
1979 - 34
1984 - 44
1989 - 45
1993 - 30
1995 - 39

Open for General Public: October to April

Megamalai tea estates is on the slopes of the Western ghats. This lovely place is bound to capture your imagination. One can also watch the animals roaming in the forest.

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